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ISO 39001 Road safety

ISO 39001 Road safety

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What is ISO 39001

ISO 39001 certification allows your organization to work more effectively with traffic systems to reduce injuries and fatalities due to traffic accidents.

ISO 39001: 2012 specifies the requirements for a Road Safety Management System (RTS). The standard enables organisations working with road traffic systems to reduce the number of serious injuries and fatalities caused by road traffic crashes. According to the World Health Organization, road traffic injuries are the eighth leading cause of death worldwide, with more than 1.3 million deaths every year due to road traffic crashes.

ISO 39001 certification helps your organization implement road safety management system objectives and action plans within your operations.

What do I need to know?

ISO 39001 is appropriate for any organization, so if you have an impact on traffic, it applies to you – whether it’s construction, tourism, education or any other sector. It establishes requirements and guidance for a traffic safety management (TSM) system, including:

  • Developing and implementing appropriate traffic safety policies
  • Developing road safety objectives and action plans
  • Road safety criteria that the organization can control or influence
  • ISO 39001 follows a structure that makes it easy to use along with other management system standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Benefits of ISO 39001 Road Safety Management (RSM)

  • Prevent traffic accidents.
  • Reduce the number of deaths and injuries on the roads.
  • Reduce the risk of prosecution.
  • Reduce costs of vehicle repair.