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The use of biofuels is a contribution to climate protection, promoting sustainable development and guaranteeing security by ensuring lower greenhouse gas emissions.

The use of this type of fuel is an integral element of the European climate change strategy, which provides credits for the production and use of biofuels. However, there are a number of requirements that require certain procedures to be followed – the credits will only be applied to fuels that contribute to climate protection and are produced properly. To address these issues, certification of the producer by an independent third authority authorized for this type of activity is applied. In some countries, tax incentives apply to the production and use of biofuels.

The pilot phase has already begun.

Are you a farmer, owner of a biofuel processing plant or a retailer of raw materials or mineral oil?

TÜV Austria offers certification according to the EU Renewable Energy Directive in the following areas:

Sustainable production of raw materials

Verification of greenhouse gas emissions from all processing steps, including transport and sales.

This certification allows you to prepare today for the requirements of tomorrow.

Your benefits:

  • You get planning certainty
  • By implementing all necessary measures at an early stage, you can avoid potential hazards.
  • You protect your investment
  • Our experts are familiar with the requirements you must meet and will help you avoid many difficulties.
  • You get an independent and impartial evaluation
  • As third-party experts we will provide impartial and qualified consulting services
  • You save time

This step puts you ahead of your competitors

The certification of your products by TÜV Austria grants you credibility with your customers

TÜV Austria is internationally recognized as the best certification company for climate change projects and has a high reputation worldwide.