Official Representation
of TÜV Austria in Ukraine.

04053, Kyiv, Ukraine
Sichovih Strilciv st, 50, of. 2b
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Ph: 380 44 344 9526 Fax: 380 44 344 9526


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TIC Ukraine – the official representative of TÜV AUSTRIA in Ukraine – is your qualified and reliable partner in the design, manufacture and maintenance of steam boilers and other equipment operating under pressure.

Thanks to our experience and qualifications, you will receive tangible benefits from working with us. We provide services and provide technical support in the design, manufacture, installation and operation of vessels, pipelines and installations for the storage and transportation of combustible, explosive, toxic environments under pressure, as well as technological complexes and installations in the chemical and oil and gas industries.

We offer qualified engineering solutions for all your tasks.

The need for testing, supervision and certification of your pressure equipment is determined by the following aspects:

  • Ever-increasing demands on equipment safety and quality of materials and personnel qualifications
  • Increasingly complex technologies and processes
  • an array of regulations

The ASME Code is now a worldwide compendium of standards and regulations for pressure equipment. ASME certification opens the door to selling your equipment worldwide.

Tailor-made solutions

For complex tasks, we offer tailor-made packages, precisely tailored to your needs. It is very good when you have the support of experienced partners who offer an interdisciplinary approach to your challenges and who are nominally one of the best in their field – as TÜV AUSTRIA specialists.

Whether designing, manufacturing or operating your pressure equipment, we offer the highest level of technical expertise, in-depth knowledge of the relevant laws and regulations, and comprehensive know-how for every project, every stage and every challenge. Thanks to our many years of experience and active cooperation in the development of regulations and standards, we have an in-depth knowledge of national requirements and regulations. This is one of the reasons why our reports and certificates are recognized worldwide and enjoy a high degree of recognition by the authorities. Specialists from various fields are involved in solving your problems, creating a strong interdisciplinary team.

As Europe’s leading certification body, TÜV AUSTRIA offers CE marking and acceptance services in accordance with the ASME code from a single source, in cooperation with a highly qualified partner, Arise BIIC. We offer professional and reliable solutions for a variety of pressure equipment.

Boilers are special pressure vessels that have an extremely wide range of applications. They can be used for many purposes, but most often for generating some kind of energy. Considering the aspect that the poor quality of such products (boilers) can cause injury to human health, the Ukrainian legislation provides for certain kinds of control, based on the results of which, various permits are issued, among them and such a procedure as certification of boilers.

Boiler certificates – are documents that guarantee that the product absolutely meets all requirements that are provided by current legislation of our state. Certification procedures for certain types of boilers is mandatory, in accordance with the Decree of December 1, 2009. It should be noted that recently the procedure for registration of certificates is changing quite often. This is due to the adoption of new technical regulations. In the EU countries, great importance is given to the so-called energy efficiency of equipment, buildings and structures. More and more attention is paid to different types of boilers. This kind of requirements are very strict, because their correct and quality operation is part of the energy security of European states. Boilers with a rated output of less than 400 kW are subject to such procedure as mandatory certification and acquire the right to apply a special quality mark – CE. Our task is to ensure that you get certain certificates that meet the requirements, rules and regulations, to inform you about changes in this area not only.