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OK biobased

OK biobased

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As active drivers of sustainable development, many companies are actively seeking alternatives to fossil raw materials. Some manufacturers are producing synthetic materials using starch, cellulose, lactic acid, “bacterial fat,” etc. as a base. These companies are making an innovative contribution to solving the economic and environmental problem of fossil fuels and greenhouse gases.

OK biobased

As a result of increased environmental awareness among consumers, the market for products based on renewable raw materials is growing. And it is the environmentally conscious motivation of customers that necessitates an independent, quality assurance for renewable raw materials. The OK biobased certificate fulfills this need perfectly.

In contrast to LCA (Life Cycle Assessment), the research method behind OK certification is very simple and the exact value can be accurately and scientifically measured and calculated. This makes inspections and re-inspections very transparent, and also allows for the easiest apples-to-apples comparison.

Based on a certain percentage of renewable raw material (% bio-based), your product can be certified as one star based, two star based, three star based or four star based.

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