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When purchasing and acquiring the ownership of new technological facilities or when planning the reconstruction of existing ones, an objective assessment of the technical condition of equipment and systems is a key point. Such an assessment is an important tool for guaranteeing financial investments based on verified current data and planned projects.

Maintaining the availability and safety of production systems and optimizing lifecycle costs are at the heart of effective technical management.

Key factors for the future profitability of the plant and the quality of its products are the coordination of procedures and a management policy that includes a maintenance strategy.

Innovative, multi-targeted approaches developed by TÜV Austria experts demonstrate the potential for savings and the ability to tap into productivity reserves, which together can reduce a company’s costs by up to 20%.

TÜV Austria experts will help to increase the profitability of existing plants and determine the basis for the efficient operation of future industrial sites at the planning stage.

Our experts will help you extend your traditional engineering approach with state-of-the-art process optimization techniques.

Become a market leader by obtaining consulting services from a qualified team of interdisciplinary experts.

The TÜV Austria approach:

  • Technical Risk Assessment (RBI: Risk Based Inspection)
  • Evaluating the energy efficiency of systems
  • Improvement of the efficiency of energy supply networks
  • Development of secondary energy resource (SER) concepts
  • Instrumental performance testing of individual units
  • Opinion test on serviceability
  • Optimization of maintenance and repair concepts
  • Evaluation of investment strategies and recommendations for optimization
  • Condition assessment and service life judgements
  • Independent project inspections

Your benefits:

  • Obtaining an objective picture of the condition of equipment and the ability to choose solutions depending on the final objectives and priorities
  • Effective tool for complex decision making
  • Ability to adapt best engineering practices
  • Focus on international standards
  • Assurance in the correctness of the modernization concept
  • Exceptional guarantee when granting credit.

Our experts have extensive experience in providing technical services to industry. As an independent partner we offer third-party surveys and analyses and get an objective estimate, thus contributing to the profitability of your company.

We would be happy to advise you in more detail.