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Audit of suppliers (Supplier audit, Vendors assessment) helps the Customer to objectively and without prejudice assess the capabilities and ability of the supplier to deliver products of the required quality and within the required time frame, as well as to assess potential risks.

Audit objectives

  • Enhance supplier accountability
  • Improve the quality and transparency of your supply chain
  • Obtain complete and accurate supplier information
  • Ensure that you select suppliers on the basis of objective data
  • Increase Purchasing Efficiency
  • Objective criteria for measuring and analyzing supplier performance
  • Reducing Risks

Quality Management

  • Customer Focus
  • Engineering and development
  • Receiving and placement of orders
  • Procurement – Supplies – Subcontracting
  • Planning
  • Implementation into production
  • Production processes
  • Packaging – Labeling – Storage
  • Delivery & Transportation
  • After Sales
  • Standardization & Metrology
  • Quality Control & Verification
  • Production capacity
  • Staff Competence
  • Regulatory & regulatory control
  • Pricing policy
  • Privacy & Economic Security
  • Industrial Safety and Environment
  • Social Responsibility
  • Identity & Traceability

Customer benefits

  • Elimination of purchases from random suppliers
  • Reduction of costs for liquidation of consequences of carelessly concluded contracts
  • Efficiency of internal control of the procurement process
  • Reduction of risks
  • Decrease in consumer spending on costly prequalification (including incoming quality control of purchased raw materials)
  • Increase of economic security

Audit of suppliers allows the customer, even before the orders placement, to obtain objective information about a potential partner, assess the degree of risk, to insure itself against future costs and losses that may arise in case of violations on the part of the supplier.