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Energy efficiency \ Energy audit

Energy efficiency \ Energy audit

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You can reduce costs and meet your climate obligations by improving energy efficiency.

Rational optimization of buildings, process plants, and processes brings enormous savings. However, it is not easy to identify the best approach to improve energy efficiency.

Let a qualified partner provide you with an energy audit, an energy performance certificate and an energy savings program from TÜV Austria, a company that does a comprehensive analysis of your energy supply systems for efficiency, safety and sustainability.

Our experts provide energy efficiency services in the following areas:

  • Industry
  • Public and residential buildings
  • Municipal and regional authorities
  • Homeowners
  • Product Energy Efficiency Certification

We show ways to improve the energy efficiency of individual systems, processes and buildings, as well as to optimize the energy balance as a whole.

Attention to the energy efficiency of enterprises today is increased because rationalization is a civilized and correct approach to doing business. Each enterprise can develop its own energy saving program based on the results obtained in the course of inspection. The technical report drawn up by the specialists becomes the starting point for the follow-up work, as a result – the costs of the organization’s activities are significantly reduced.

When the energy audit is carried out, specialists carry out a set of various activities. They need to collect the most complete package of information about the enterprise, including review of energy balance, assess the existing technical equipment and compare it to the overall financial situation. It does not matter if it is a large company or a small business that needs a report – only a complete, comprehensive analysis can produce results.

After the inspection, an energy passport is issued, a report containing all the necessary information. On their basis, rationalization recommendations are compiled; specialists, based on their own experience and knowledge, tell how to reduce costs. Energy efficiency is considered one of the key points in assessing the success of an organization, and it simply cannot be neglected. The report indicates the current situation at the enterprise, as well as its probable change in the case when the specified changes will be made.

Energy audit today is in demand, at all levels of business. It is connected with reasonable desire of management of the organizations to reduce expenses where it really can be done. Also energy audit can be seen as a match investment real profitability of the enterprise, in addition, to pass this procedure is simply obliged to some organizations – there is a list of companies for which the energy audit is considered a prerequisite of work.

Energy conservation today is not considered as something illogical, the rules of business of the XXI century make businessmen clearly monitor all the characteristics of the enterprise. Timely conducted competent energy audit – is the key to success for business, regardless of its scale and focus. Paying for the auditors’ services, however, saves you money, as you will significantly reduce your energy costs in the future.


  • You’ll get a forward-looking energy concept for system operation planning.
  • You get an objective estimate of investment and operating costs. This gives you investment security.
  • The energy savings plan cuts purchase and consumption costs for future periods.
  • You will get a document of sustainable management and motivation of employees in energy saving – a potential image advantage for your company.
  • Energy engineering systems will meet all legal requirements, including those related to climate change issues.
  • We do a neutral and independent assessment from a third-party perspective. This ensures transparency, integrity and unbiased decision-making.
  • TÜV Austria certifications will set you apart from your competitors and make you customer-focused – increasing your sales.
  • TÜV Austria is a competent partner with many years of international consulting experience
  • Our support allows you and your employees to focus on your core business as much as possible.