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OK biodegradable

OK biodegradable

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There is more to “biodegradation” than meets the eye! A whole army of microorganisms attacks the material to be broken down and the army differs depending on the environment (specific temperature, moisture content, pH, oxygen supply, etc.) where biodegradation takes place.

The application of the product determines the ideal environment for biodegradation. Accordingly, Belgium has already passed a law prohibiting the presentation of packaging as biodegradable. After all, the idea is not to have packaging circulated in large quantities like trash because it is “biodegradable”. TUV AUSTRIA supports the idea of this legislation, which currently only applies in Belgium, and can indicate the correct biodegradation environment for your products thanks to their verification marks.

OK biodegradable MARINE

Given the fact that most marine debris is on land, marine biodegradability is an added value to any product no matter where it is consumed. The chance that it will finally be at sea will always exist.

OK biodegradable SOIL

Biodegradability in soil offers enormous advantages for agricultural and horticultural products because they can be left to decompose on site after use. The OK biodegradable SOIL label is a guarantee that the product is completely biodegradable in soil without negative environmental impact.

OK biodegradable WATER

Products certified for WATER biodegradable guarantee biodegradation in the natural fresh water environment and thus contribute significantly to reducing waste in rivers, lakes or any natural fresh water. Note that this does not automatically guarantee biodegradation in marine waters.

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