Official Representation
of TÜV Austria in Ukraine.

04053, Kyiv, Ukraine
Sichovih Strilciv st, 50, of. 2b
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Ph: 380 44 344 9526 Fax: 380 44 344 9526

Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

  • 1. To make international standards for business, life and development accessible, understandable and useful to all our clients.
  • 2. To encourage the application and use of international standards in daily life and business by communicating the results of their use (through quality to safety).

Our credo:

  • • We strive to always do our job better than anyone else, use the latest technological advances and innovative management solutions.
  • • We are always open and honest with each other and our partners.
  • • We are constantly on the move and we have the strength and energy to change for the better.
  • • While still on our way to the nearest peak, we plan the way to the next.

Our principles and values:

  • • Avoiding conflicts of interest.
  • • Zero tolerance of bribery and corruption, both internally and with all stakeholders
  • • Business creation based on healthy competition and in compliance with antitrust laws
  • • Non-disclosure and protection of customer data and the data of our employees
  • • Integrity of services
  • • Fair and respectful interactions between employees and business partners

Our Vision

We are advisors and experts for our clients. Our tools help clients manage their businesses effectively and grow successfully.