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To guarantee the safety and quality of manufactured products there is no single standard, but each country has its own standards that products must meet. Each company must meet these conditions in order for its product to take its rightful place on the market and to be successfully sold. Therefore, certification of management systems will allow a company to increase the competitiveness of its products on foreign and domestic markets.

A certified management system is a guarantee that the company adheres to the principles of TQM and constantly improves the quality of its products, satisfying the expectations and wishes of consumers. In this case, TÜV Austria experts act as technology partners. Our experts can provide product certification services in a wide range of industries, from high-tech equipment to sporting goods and textiles.

Equipment certification allows the consumer to protect himself from low-quality, defective products, and the manufacturer to control the safety of his products in order to do everything possible to avoid harm to human health and the environment. To carry out the procedure of certification of equipment, it is necessary to certify all stages of production, from assembly to loading. This procedure must pass all equipment that a person actively uses in his daily life, for example, household appliances.

Certification of products, goods and equipment is a mandatory procedure, enshrined in the relevant legislation.

Certification of equipment, goods, products of foreign and Ukrainian production has certain differences. To certify equipment of Ukrainian production must prepare a certain package of documents: instructions for its use and maintenance, passport on the equipment, as well as registered in the State Consumer Standard of Ukraine specifications. To certify foreign-made equipment the following documents must be provided: an international standard certificate, operating instructions and supply contract. Sometimes the contract for the delivery can be replaced by a power of attorney to the supplier from the manufacturer. It can be concluded that certification is not an easy matter, requiring a certain baggage of knowledge. To go through all the bureaucratic procedures you need to spend a lot of time and sometimes nerve cells. Our company was created to make the certification process as quick and easy as possible. Our specialists will help you certify any type of products from high-tech equipment to sporting goods and plastic products. TÜV Austria specialists will help you get all the necessary certificates and documents so that your business can flourish and your profits can increase every day.