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The European standard EN 1090 includes the conformity assessment of steel and aluminum components used in steel and concrete complex structures, applies to serial and one-off developments. Since July 1, 2012 the standard EN 1090-1 determines the mandatory application of the CE mark on the product, products not having the CE mark can not be placed on the domestic market of the European Union member states.

Starting from July 1, 2014 CE marking is mandatory for manufacturers of structures and components in the European Union according to the Directive 89/106/EC.

According to the requirements of EN 1090 the introduction of factory production control (FPC – Factory Production Control) is mandatory, the production control system must cover everything concerning product compliance, including personnel, equipment, design process, inspection procedures for checking and recording compliance with component specifications, test plans, product evaluation, non-compliance review procedures. The manufacturer shall prove that the FPC meets the requirements specified in EN 1090-1 section 6.3. The FPC system must cover all processes, production lines, divisions or departments including external or subcontractors operated by him. If the FPC is part of a system certified in accordance with EN ISO 9001 or EN ISO 3834 and the notified body has determined that the system meets the requirements of EN 1090-1, the notified body may recognise either standard. In cases where the manufacturer performs tests in his own laboratories or in the laboratories of subcontractors, the testing equipment and assessment methods (laboratories) must necessarily be included in the FPC.Наши эксперты проведут анализ в соответствии с требованиями стандартов EN 1090-1, разработают и внедрят в компании необходимые требования стандартов EUROCODE 3, EN 1090, произведут подготовку к сертификации производства.

Certification of qualification of welders, with the issuance of European certificates, occupy a special place in the EN 1090 standard. Welders must have documentary proof of qualification in accordance with EN 287-1 for steel constructions or EN ISO 9606-2 for aluminum constructions for every main welding process, for corner welds separately, also the welders must have the appropriate qualification. Automatic welding operators must comply with EN 1418.

EN 1090 consists of three parts:

  • EN 1090-1 Manufacture of steel and aluminium structures. Part 1. Requirements for conformity assessment of structural components
  • EN 1090-2 Manufacture of steel and aluminium structures. Part 2. Technical requirements for steelwork
  • EN 1090-3 Manufacture of steel and aluminium structures. Part 3. Technical requirements for aluminium construction
  • For further information on EN 1090 and the right to affix the CE Mark to steel and aluminium structures, please contact our experts.

Our experts will carry out analyses in accordance with the requirements of EN 1090-1 standards, develop and implement the necessary requirements of EUROCODE 3, EN 1090 standards and prepare for the certification of production.