Official Representation
of TÜV Austria in Ukraine.

04053, Kyiv, Ukraine
Sichovih Strilciv st, 50, of. 2b
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Ph: 380 44 344 9526 Fax: 380 44 344 9526

About Us


Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) is an official representative of TŰV Austria in Ukraine.

Customer requirements are constantly changing. What remains is the constant need for safety and quality. Our range of services in the area of testing, inspection, verification, assessment, training and continuing education as well as certification continues to develop innovatively and with anticipation of the market. TÜV AUSTRIA’s range of services includes pressure equipment, plant safety and materials testing, training and development, medical technology, electrical engineering, environmental protection, Industry 4.0, Manufacturing 4.0, noise protection reports, carbon footprint assessment, personal certification, systems and product certification, as well as cybersecurity, Internet of Things, E-Mobility, AppChecks, loss adjustments, property management, calibration

TÜV AUSTRIA is delighted that 95 per cent of our customers are very satisfied. Tens of thousands of system and product certifications, hundreds of thousands of tests each year, more than 15,000 course participants, a full range of IT security services, number one in materials technology, a future technology research cluster and innovation make TÜV AUSTRIA the leading Austrian provider of testing, inspection and certification services.

  • 1872: Founded in Vienna on June 11, 1872 as the Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company (DUVG).
  • 1875: Monitors 3,000 steam boilers
  • 1889: Operates with 27 technical inspections throughout the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
  • 1905: Begins testing elevators, winches, and percussive trigger mechanisms.
  • 1910: DUVG with 1,500 technicians is the largest testing company in Europe.
  • 1921: Resumption of testing after the First World War, initially with 21 employees.
  • 1938: After Austria’s accession to the German Reich: Integration into the Reich Technical Inspection Association (RTÜV).
  • 1940: Transformation of the Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Association (DUVG) into the Vienna Technical Inspection Board as a state corporation.
  • 1945: TÜV Wien becomes an association according to Austrian law and starts testing with 32 employees.
  • 1955: Foundation of the departments “Lifts”, “Cranes and hoists”, “Electrical Engineering”, “Steam and Pressure Systems” and “Materials Testing”.
  • 1977: Foundation of the Environmental Laboratory in Wales.
  • 1982: Opening of the test center in Vienna-Inzersdorf.
  • 1993: Transformation of TÜV Vienna into TÜV Austria.
  • 1994: Accession of Austria to the EU opens up new opportunities outside Austria. Founding of TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas in Athens, founding of UMSITEC, predecessor of TÜV AUSTRIA DEUTSCHLAND GMBH in Munich
  • 1998: Acquisition of TPA KKS GmbH, Vienna.
  • 2000: Foundation of ITI Integrovana technicka inspekce spol sro in the Czech Republic, now TÜV AUSTRIA Czech sro
  • 2006: founding of TÜV AUSTRIA Turk and TÜV AUSTRIA Romania.
  • 2007: Takeover of TÜV AUSTRIA Schreiner Consulting.
  • 2008: Foundation of TÜV AUSTRIA ITALIA – Blu Solutions srl.
  • 2009: founding of TÜV AUSTRIA in Switzerland.
  • 2009: Establishment of TÜV AUSTRIA SERVIS doo, Slovenia.
  • 2009: founding of TÜV TRUST IT
  • 2010: founding of TÜV AUSTRIA Shanghai, China
  • 2013: Establishment of TÜV AUSTRIA inspection and certification in Pakistan.
  • 2014: Founding of TÜV AUSTRIA India.
  • 2014: Participation in APICE SRL, Italy
  • 2015: Founding of TÜV AUSTRIA Bangladesh, India.
  • 2016: Participation in ICEPI SPA, Italy; Opening of the TÜV AUSTRIA campus in Brunn/Berg as a modern office building and training center; Foundation of TÜV AUSTRIA Cyprus; Foundation of AD Qualitas SA, Spain; Acquisition of Spieth Kathodischer Austauschschutz GmbH, Germany; Participation in VCK Betonschutz + Monitoring GmbH, Germany
  • 2017: Opening of digital acceleration incubator Next Horizon; Participation in Ingenieurbüro Moser GmbH, St. Johann/Pg, Austria; Founding of TÜV AUSTRIA – JINHUA, China; Controlling interest in Institute for Technical Research and Testing at Vienna University of Technology, transformation into TÜV AUSTRIA TVFA Testing and Research GmbH; Founding of TÜV AUSTRIA Azerbaijan; Founding of TÜV AUSTRIA Belgium
  • 2018: Founding of TÜV AUSTRIA PERSONEL Belgelendirme, Turkey; Acquisition of TÜV AUSTRIA Tecnotest GmbH; Opening of TÜV AUSTRIA Technology and Innovation Center in Vienna-Inzersdorf as a large testing and research cluster; Opening of the TÜV AUSTRIA office in Leonding (Upper Austria) as a modern office building, training and education center; Opening of the Safe-Secure-System-Lab (S3 Lab) at the TÜV AUSTRIA Technology and Innovation Center; Participation in METALogic NV, Belgium
  • 2019: Opening of the TÜV AUSTRIA Competence Center for Environment and Cableway Technology in St. Johann/Pongau; Opening of #SafeSecLab for safety-related solutions in industry with the Vienna University of Technology; Participation in SILA Kalite and SILA Industry, Turkey; Acquisition of FAWI specialist inspection for elevator systems, Switzerland
  • 2020: TÜV AUSTRIA opens cyber security laboratory, Malaysia; Acquisition of SPP Handelsges.mbH, Vienna; Acquisition of Boreas SRL, Italy; Acquisition of innotec GmbH, Germany; Acquisition of Millner GmbH, Austria; Acquisition of EUROCONT Türkiye, Turkey; Acquisition of Rothenseer Material Testing (RWP), Germany; Acquisition of FHK Technisches Büro GmbH, Austria; Foundation of TPA KKS Deutschland GmbH, Germany
  • 2021: dhpg and TÜV TRUST IT establish a joint Certified Security Operations Center (CSOC), Germany; Acquisition of CIPHRON, Germany; Acquisition of SINT Technology, Italy; Acquisition of Steinbacher + Steinbacher with two new offices in Salzburg and Carinthia, Austria; Acquisition of FHK Ingenieurbüro, Austria; Acquisition of APICE, Italy; Acquisition of QCB, Italy
  • 2022: Acquisition of Applied Statistics / TÜV AUSTRIA Data Intelligence, Austria; Acquisition of Global Inspection Services (GIS), Spain; TÜV AUSTRIA is a “top employer” and among the top 30 employers in Austria.