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Тechnical Due Diligence

Тechnical Due Diligence

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TECHNICAL DUE DILIGENCE (TDD) is a process of research and analysis whereby a prospective owner, owner or investor receives detailed information about the physical properties of a property.

The main benefits for the investor, which TECHNICAL DUE DILIGENCE provides:

  • Obtaining information and professional analysis data on the technical condition of the property by analyzing design and technical documentation, defects and deficiencies, and opportunities for improvement of the technical condition.
  • Obtaining objective data to calculate anticipated investments related to the repair, rehabilitation or improvement of the property.
  • Acquiring a sound basis in the negotiation of property or investment value in the form of a professional opinion of inspectors and auditors.
  • Inspections are conducted in accordance with “RICS EUROPE 2011 – BEST PRACTICE & GUIDANCE NOTE FOR TECHNICAL DUE DILIGENCE”.

TECHNICAL Due Diligence Report provides a detailed technical assessment of fixed assets, production facilities, the level of organization and management, environmental and industrial safety and allows the investor to evaluate the amount of necessary investment at the decision-making stage.

Technical Due Diligence is also applied as a method of comprehensive technical evaluation during reconstruction or modernization of property, and also makes it possible to identify technological risks during the liquidation of the object.

The main purpose of Technical Due Diligence is to identify the maximum potential risks that may await the investor or the owners of the business.

TECHNICAL DUE DILIGENCE, as one of the tools of Investors Relation, will be useful for business owners who are interested in attracting investment and business development.

Depending on the specifics of business or the object of inspection, our auditors and specialists will prepare a detailed audit plan, which will objectively and comprehensively evaluate the opportunities for future business, to protect investments from potential risks.

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